The 10 best Android games for 2014, so far

We developed our selection with the 10 best games for Android App Promotion 2014 rescuing the best we’ve seen in the first four months of this year.

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APRIL 22, 2014, 16:08

Define what the best Android games for 2014 are relatively complicated and is a task considering that we hurried starting the spring, however, the holidays are a perfect time to promote leisure and give a brief review of a number of titles during this time time became tremendously popular on Android, making them captive games that all owners of a mobile device with this platform should not be overlooked, either by their creativity, visual or aesthetic simplicity proposal to give us insane hours of entertainment . No particular order in the succession of their appearance without leaving out those multiplatform productions, these are what we consider the best Android games so far this year 2014.

Super Hexagon

Strictly speaking one could say that Super Hexagon is a puzzle game infinite race , although the combination and assembling your proposal is really peculiar, and not suitable for those prone to seasickness. With a design that immediately sent to the retro era of video game consoles, when Atariand the lower 8 bits graphics were kings, this title is fun and creativity as much as its minimalist qualities.It is a kind of hexagonal maze rotates on its axis, providing only an opportunity to check out their player, in a situation where reflections and guidelines will mark how far we get.

Download: Android , $ 2.99 dollars.

Final Fantasy VI

Nostalgia is not what makes us put on this list, but this is probably the best game in the series to its 2D stage. Just before making the leap to legendary Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix gave us this adventure,outside Japan it was known as the third installment of the series , with a heartwarming story and gameplay as polished as it could be, for the time Release. It was the cream of the RPG, so mobile launch was accompanied by many elements: improved graphics, environments in HD, remastered sound , the whole package. Including a considerable number of bugs and errors that gradually have been corrected on the fly.

Download: Android , to $ 15.99.

Detective Grimoire

As Nintendo finally decides to release some of their most popular games on mobile platforms, we have some productions that may well be considered as variations of other titles , developed exclusively to entertain special similes to smartphones and tablets. Such is the case of Detective Grimoire, a game where conversations, deductions and keen observations are the key points to advance in this intricate and funny story. Neither Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright will be coming soon to Android , meanwhile this is an excellent alternative .

Download: Android , $ 3.99 dollars.

Fractal Combat X

What becomes terribly amused Fractal Combat X is your game interface and the way how it integrates with your graphic section. The fighting scenarios and transported immediately to Japanese animation series of cult like Macross , where the trajectory of the missile itself form a maze that becomes an element of the action and combat. Best of all it’s totally free. Although there is also a premium version where pay only $ 2 you can get rid of advertising inserts and have access to a lot of extras. Worth every penny.

Download: Android , free.

Bad Hotel

Like Super Hexagon, Bad Hotel is distinguished by mixing a few genres and bring them to extreme levels that border on the implausible. Strictly speaking this is a title of Tower Defense , where you are the manager of a hotel to board the literal collapse, so it is necessary to strengthen defense and armament to protect it from attack by invaders, the grace of all pace that also functions as a music game , as each choice combination executed affects the rhythm and melodies. You have to play it to believe it.

Download: Android , $ 1.99 dollars.

The Room Two

Sequel to one of the best mobile games ever, could not leave it off the list. He came to Android last February and has generated mixed reviews . Some consider it an exaggerated variation of what we saw in the first installment, others evaluated as a masterpiece of its genre, revised and enlarged. The last decision of each player.

Download: Android , $ 2.99 dollars.


It may seem a cheap argument, but the game is free, not even advertising inserts or microtransactions, or some hidden trick that highlights where the business is, beyond making a game for the fun of sharing and gain some popularity, these reasons are interesting enough to give it a try. Their graphic section is really impressive , there are no titles in this list where they charge and their production values ​​are not as detailed. The adventure and gameplay are simple, honestly believe it is only a matter of time before they start charging for it or is deleted from Google Play, so there already use it.

Download: Android , free.

Smash Hit

Physical collision is the main element of the idle and Smash Hit incredibly entertaining. The premise is absurd and simple: you have to give hints on the screen to launch a series of marbles on the scene, with the intention of destroying all obstacles glass that get in the way, the more strokes failures less marbles you have to shoot if you stay in zeros lose the game. Simple, silly and terribly funny . In the free version of the game once you run out of marbles you back to the beginning, while a version of charge, at a cost of $ 1.99 where you can access save points, so suck release of the final levels of the game.

Download: Android , free.


The game is a beauty for its graphic simplicity and mathematical complexity . There is already an army of clones of this title, but the original is still maintained as the best of all. The basis of this puzzle is challenging: on a board of numbers have to position them in combinations over themselves to achieve three sums of multiples . Our mental agility and ability for accounts are vital here, and actually this is the kind of titles that sound too complicated but once you’re on them it is impossible to put down.

Download: Android , $ 1.99 dollars.

Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen created a monster of worship, a mobile game that ended up becoming Meme, bringing cartloads of money ($ 50,000 per day) derived from something that was just a project for fun and sharing. There are many lessons that we left Flappy Bird , showing that the simple and uncomplicated games are more than enough to create rage in the mobile market, the dynamic retro find their best place in an intelligent device and often fame is something incidental . The desire to play by its own creator was eliminated from the face of Google Play, but it is still possible to find the apk file somewhere on the net …

Download: Android , free.

This was our selection of best Android games 2014 so far this year, and the comments section is always open to share their proposals.

Emergency 4 (Gold Edition)

When disaster strikes … saves lives

FX Interactive has accustomed us to publish titles at low prices but very complete, in addition to outstanding quality, come complete with box and instructions in full color. As this could not be less as Emergency 4: 401k gold rollover Edition is a strategy title that will make us spend many hours in front of our PC saving citizens who need our help.

Ensuring citizens
‘re the Chief of the Emergency Services of town and therefore have to lead, mobilize and coordinate rescue teams to solve all the challenges it presents you the game as soon as possible, all with the same goal avoid loss of human lives by disasters such as major earthquakes, hijacked planes, train derailments, fires small and large-scale theft, dangerous animals loose, heart attacks and many other situations.

To do this we will have at our disposal a total of four bodies of involvement: Security Forces, Fire, Health Care and Corps of Engineers. Each has vehicles and specialized units. In every disaster will have to select the most appropriate unit deploy in the field and specify the commands to follow. The more rapid, efficient, thrifty and more lives we save, we will have more recognition.

Technical Section
meets The graphic without being noted. Successfully recreated cities, lighting effects, thus lighting day or night like sirens, shapes, textures and details of the rescue vehicles are maintained parts, although there are two areas for improvement, this is the camera to Sometimes it’s a little strange to handle like a point situate correctly through the mini map. O moldings members of rescue teams, among them being very similar and sometimes dificultándonos identification.

The melodies of the game are well adapted to the moment of action, being quiet when the city is so or changing to other more tension when there is an emergency we have to solve. The standard sound effects, recreating the sound of sirens, explosions, fire, water hoses, vital signs of a patient, no complaints. Finally to mention the location of the game, plus some of these voices sound because we are actors to bend to Hollywood stars.

The learning curve in the title is a little steep, because despite carrying a small tutorial (optional) before beginning the campaign mode, truth is its brevity, showing and teaching only a few basics of what you can make when a Once we are on our own we will give an account that there are things we have to deduce on our own or keep trying different options because the tutorial has taught us properly.

But despite this small, say error, the game features a great gameplay, although it is true that if we take many hours of continuous game we eventually can be somewhat monotonous, but if you know dose correctly, passing little history Soon we will play for a while. Because it is not only going to solve an emergency situation, like a good strategy game have to use the “coco” because we have a budget, which will be in the form of investment spending when Let’s move a vehicle for a bailout, but win by turn fix in the shortest possible time, effectively …

This means that we can not waste money like unlimited. Also as we go also receive upgrades to purchase new vehicles that will help us considerably. The game, before each of the 20 missions that presents the main mode, campaign, will show a short video as an introduction so we can start thinking about how we will act later. So at first glance it seems easy but it is not true, because the game itself will progressively increase the difficulty, when we are finishing a mission, suddenly happen another tragedy that we will also have to fix, but not always, one by one, will come to join several, reaching the stress a little too passive players try to do all at once. A tip … be calm and think about it, calmly, if you’re taking the right steps will give time for everything.


The best cycling in the world of video games

Led by Cyanide, creators of the famous license PRO CYCLING MANAGER, comes his new delivery and TOUR DE FRANCE game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Digital Bros relink the best of cycling to the world of video games with PRO CYCLING MANAGER – SEASON 2011, the new edition of their popular PC cycling manager and exciting TOUR DE FRANCE for PS3 and Xbox 360, a more arcade version developed by Cyanide recognized study. Both titles will allow you to enjoy the best recumbent bike from home!

Choose the PC game to get into the skin of an athletic director in this new 2011 season and lead your team to the top in both the Tour de France and the Tour of Spain. If you prefer to play on your PS3 or Xbox 360, you can enjoy the most exciting live action and race from within, running as a professional cyclist and reaching the top of the podium.

To you to define the best strategies and tactics to win! The jersey dream is within your reach!

TOUR DE FRANCE for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

The Tour de France game plunges you into the heart of the biggest race in the world with its exciting mix of action and simulation.

Play as a professional cyclist and participates in 21 stages full of adrenalin and twists.Choose your team, your cyclist, and throw yourself into the race!

Face the champions currently manage your forces as best value hybrid bike you can during the race, working in teams, take care of your reputation and, if necessary, form alliances to win a stage or fight for any of the jerseys of the race and upload ranking.

You’ll need nerves of steel and a great sense of tactics to reach the legendary yellow jersey dress !!


· 100% action and adrenaline, as part of the highlight of the Tour from the standpoint of a runner

· 100% tactic: give them orders to members of your team, work with them, build alliances with opponents, manage your reputation …

· An artificial intelligence that responds to your commands: breakaways, relays, time trial and even alliances with opponents …

· A host of challenges and goals: win the most prestigious stages of the Tour, take the yellow, green or best climber jersey and face the ultimate challenge: win the Tour own race!

· Total immersion in the 21 stages of the Tour, faithfully recreated, thanks to some of the most realistic graphics.


As usual and true to what has made him the quintessential game of cycling, Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France and La Vuelta 2011 will provide cycling enthusiasts the perfect combination between sports simulation and management of teams.

With a wide range of new features, tweaks and improvements, the game remains faithful to the spirit of the series. Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France and La Vuelta 2011 a year to conquer the cycling and sports management, making them live a great cycling season!

For more information about the bikes in the game, visit the official sites: