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The WhatsApp is a free messaging application that, in principle, is only available for smartphones.However, if you do not have a powerful phone with Android or iOS (iPhone) app support and you can use an alternative version of “WhatsApp for PC”.

Whatsapp’s guide: learn how to do everything with tips and tutorials

To access the messenger on the computer, you need to register a new number if you still want to use the app on your phone. Once WhatsApp does not allow synchronized access to an account on multiple devices simultaneously. See this tutorial TechTudo how to install WhatsApp on your Windows PC and use it on the big screen.

WhatsApp on your smartphone can also be used on the computer (Photo: Luciana Maline /whatsapp messenger for pc)

Step 1. Download and install the whatsapp para pc , an application that emulates Android on Windows PC. For more information, please visit this tutorial other apps to run on your computer;

Step 2. After completing the installation and configuration of BlueStacks, click on the blue button a magnifying glass to search for applications;

Home of BlueStacks Android app to emulate the computer (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 3. In the window that opens, type “WhatsApp” (without the quotes) and click “Find” (look it up);

WhatsApp search for the list of applications (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 4. BlueStacks allows users to install applications from various stores. Whenever possible, prefer the official store of Google (Google Play Store). To continue, click on the “WhatsApp Messenger”;

WhatsApp installing the Android app store (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 5. If the first application you are installing, you must agree to the terms of service of Google Play. To do this, click “OK”;

Before proceeding, you must agree to the terms to use WhatsApp (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 6. In the WhatsApp page, click “download whatsapp for pc”;

Installing WhatsApp on Google Play page (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 7. To start the installation, click on “Accept and Download” and wait until the application is downloaded and installed;

Click “Accept and Download” to complete the process and download WhatsApp on your computer (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 8. When the report that Android WhatsApp installed on your computer, click the center button that appears at the bottom of the window to access the menu of BlueStacks. On the homepage, click on “My Apps” to see all the applications installed on your computer;

Visit the page of installed apps and look for WhatsApp (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Step 9. Finally, click “WhatsApp” to open the whatsapp for pc.

Finally, WhatsApp can be accessed by the computer (Photo: Playback / Helito Bijora)

Ready. WhatsApp is installed and after configuring it using your phone number, can be used normally, as if you were on a cell (in this case an Android).

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Have questions about WhatsApp? Ask in the Forum TechTudo .

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